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Eric Yeow

I am Eric Yeow. I have great passion on drawing and painting.

I am always attracted to beautiful objects and sceneries. They are so beautiful in different moment, different light and different angel. 

Artist Salvador Sierra
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Artist Angela Chang

My name is Angela Chang. I am a Professional Blue Badge Tourist Guide in London since 1996. 


I have a Diploma in Floral Design and teaching florist arrangement and design for over 4 years now. 


These are the two factors which lead me to painting and loving it ever since.   

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My name is Marcello Russo Krauss. I am a Professional Painter who live in Florence, Italy and I have been painting for over 50 years.

Occasionally I will exhibit my paintings in some cities in Italy. The response to my exhibitions were welcoming. This is one of the factor which motivates me in continuing my painting profession.


My interest is more on painting landscaping. I've produced paintings of landscape on four beautiful seasons of a year.

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Samuel Delaseras Bulaga was born in 1979 in Ubay, Bohol, Philippines. A Filipino painter, sculpture, paint maker, graphic artist, interior artist.


Studied Bachelor of Fine Arts at Technological University of the Philippines in Manila between 2000 and 2004. He completed his Degree in Fine Arts with Major in Advertising and was awarded one of the artist of the year.

Samuel redefines the “Pop” in Pop Art with his relief paintings depicting fantastical characters and landscapes in direct response to the fluctuations of modern representations. Bulaga gears toward contemporary pop art with an innovative twist.

Samuel won a few Grand Prize in various arts competitions in Philippines.

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